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Acquisition of Lands for Road Development

Land acquisition is a preliminary task of road development projects. For proper highway network, specially for expand the existing roads and construct new roads, highways and expressways, private lands in both sides of the roads should be acquired. The development of highways is highly contributed for the development of the country.

Lands are acquired by the Ministry of Highways as per the Land Acquisition Act No. 09 in 1950 and that is an important sector in the development of the country.

Our aim is to obtain the maximum support of the public for acquiring lands without delay in order to develop roads.  To minimize the loss by granting a fair compensation for the acquired lands is a key function here.

In acquisition process of lands and property for road development projects the Government has given the opportunity to appeal for the appeal committees, LARC and Super LARC if the estimated amount of money is not sufficient for their property.  In paying the compensation to the land owners, the payment is made by the Divisional Secretariats and the Project offices together.

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