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Be the Excellent Service Provider with an Efficient and Safe Road Network based on New Technology


Develop, Manage and Maintain the Highway Network According to Citizen's Requirements and National Development Goals by Using Expert Knowledge, State of the Art Technology and Optimal Use of Resources


  • Formulating national policies for highway sector in achieving national development goals
  • Providing high mobility among townships, efficient connectivity among economic centers and improving accessibility for rural areas
  • Maintain the road network in excellent standards to contribute sustainable development
  • Providing Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for efficient traffic management
  • Investing on capacity enhancement of road sector to ensure high level service and user friendly roads
  • Invest in research and development for enhancement of the road sector
  • Enhance road safety measures for road users

Subject and Functions

  • Formulation of policies programmes and projects in regard to the subjects of Highways and Expressways and all subjects that come under the purview of Departments and Statutory Institutions mentioned below
    • Road Development Authority and its Subsidiaries and Associates
    • Road Maintenance Trust Fund
  • Direction of the implementation of such policies, programmes and projects within time lines agreed with the national planning authorities and within budgeted resources, with a view to achieving relevant objectives
  • Provision of all public services that come under the purview of the Ministry in an efficient and people friendly manner.
  • Reforming of all systems and procedures to ensure the conduct of business in an efficient manner deploying modern management techniques and technology where applicable while eliminating corruption and waste
  • Provision and Maintenance in optimum condition of a high quality network of national highways and other principal road
  • Implementation of the Maga Neguma Rural Road Development Programme
  • Improvement of clear co-ordination process to cover all road project implementing agencies for an integration development and monitoring collection of road user charges in respect of National Policy
  • Formulation of Programmes and Projects based on National Policy in respect of Provincial and Local Authority roads and co-ordination and monitoring of such programmes and projects
  • Road Development activities connected to Kottawa, Kaduwela and Kadawatha Township Development Project
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